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rick-scott-deleted-emailsEarlier in the week, I presented the results of a Statewide Grand Jury Report that documented how Florida is, far and above, the most corrupt state in the nation.   The report paints a very dire and terrifying picture and it should be required reading for every man, woman and child in this state.

If I were a high school principle, I would make it a condition of graduation to read this report.   And I would just flat out require every single citizen to read it.   READ THE REPORT HERE

You have a responsibility.   As a citizen, you cannot just sit on the sidelines and watch what is happening all around you.   You have got to stop sitting there passively, reading and exclaiming, ‘DAMMIT WE’RE GETTING SCREWED AGAIN!”

You must share that report far and wide. You must email it to your friends, your family, co workers…everyone.   Post it on Facebook.   Engage your sphere of influence in a discussion.   Make sure every news outlet and organization you watch has the report and keep at them until they report on the results of this Grand Jury Report.

Most importantly, be part of the movement to GET REAL PEOPLE ON THE BALLOT IN EVERY SINGLE RACE IN FLORIDA!

This is your opportunity to have a front row seat….be part of the change. Do something real.   Join the party.

The Justice Party

Oh yeah, and have a little fun here.   Not only is Florida the most corrupt state in the nation, we also are governed by the most unpopular governor in the country.   Log on Here For a Fun Little Site that tracks this little honor.

And please read the St. Petersburg Times story which describes the Scott Administration’s treatment on matters of public trust:

“Time and again, the Scott administration has violated the public trust with its disdain for transparency,” Simon said.

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