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Do Florida's Foreclosure Courts Have A Moral Obligation To Rehabilitate The Banks?

I was going to start my post with the question,

Do Florida’s Foreclosure Courts Have Any Obligation to Punish Bank Wrongdoing?

Or something like….

Will The Government Help Americans in The Foreclosure Process?

But then I realized, everyone would think I’ve completely lost it, that I’m being completely amateurish, that I had not been following any case law or reporting over the last several years, particularly as it relates to the crimes and abuses visited upon the American people by the banks, by Wall Street and by the corporations that run our nation’s court system.
Of course courts cannot punish bank wrongdoing.   Of course courts cannot hold any of the criminals or con artists that own our courts and run our nation’s financial system responsible.   After all….especially here in the State of Florida, fraudclosure capital of the universe, where it is the job of our courts to:


And in order to do so, our courts have to ignore any law, rule, procedure, or principal that stands in the way of doing what is the ultimate objective:


The banks and their attorneys have been making a mockery of what we thought was our nation’s legal system for decades now.   Here in Florida, long before foreclosures were hot and sexy, the foreclosure mills were lying to the court with virtually every lawsuit they filed.   Remember the count…..


I remember a good judge used to say, “A hard to find note is not the same thing as a lost note”   and he kind of expected the foreclosure mills to go and find those notes…at a time when so many other judges just shrugged their black robed shoulders and said, “Oh well, they can’t find the note”   Fast forward many years now and that lie, repeated over and over tens of thousands of times, seems so small compared to all the other lies….the entirety of the judicial system turned on its head as it is.

It is plainly, blatantly, disgustingly obvious that our nation’s courts have no appetite for providing any kind of sanction whatsoever.     It’s clear that the banks are like the Lindsay Lohan of our nation’s legal world.   The entirety of government, and especially our nation’s court system, are happy to laugh away at all their transgressions.   And just like Lindsay, no one apparently cares about the consequences of all this unrestrained arrogance and wrongdoing.

But there is another area…one that impacts all of us…that is so blatant, so clear, so direct, that our courts cannot ignore.   There, I did it again…..”Our courts cannot ignore”.   Only they can.   But will they?

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  • neidermeyer says:

    Yes the courts had an obligation ,,, to uphold the law and deny the banks when they could not show standing or harm… that would have brought reforms. It only had to happen in one state but all 50 failed ,, why is that Matt? Because the administration (including their banking emissaries) put out the word to save the banks at “ALL COST” ,, we are the cost.

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