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foreclosure-fraud-settlementWe’ve all been hearing for more than a year now that the 50 State Attorney Generals were close to reaching a settlement with the banking criminals that committed crimes and treason that destroyed this nation.

First Tom Miller, the head of the AG group said this was criminal and that people would go to jail.   Then he discovered campaign contributions (cough, cough, BRIBES, CORRUPTION, PAYOFFS) and then he decided that going soft was the best approach.   It’s funny how, after this alleged law enforcer who allegedly works for the people of the State of Iowa suddenly turned all soft on the targets of his investigation after receiving nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions (cough, cough, BRIBES, CORRUPTION, PAYOFFS) read more about that here surprise most of this money came from the bankster criminals they were all supposed to be investigating.

I miss organized crime and we all owe the mafia families and organized crime families apologies.   Whose to say that what they all do was wrong…and after all, at least they’re honest about it.   Our politicians take bribes, call them campaign contributions and then allow this bribery to direct who will be subject to the rule of law and who will not.   Our public officials and law enforcers (and when I say “our” public officials I really mean the people who are bought and paid for by the corporations) will persecute low-level targets who don’t have the ability to pay the bribes or extortion, but the masterminds of systemic crime sprees that have destroyed this country get to walk free after the pay their bribes and extortion.

It’s just plain crazy that Attorney Generals take any campaign cash at all.   Attorney Generals are supposed to be law enforcement, they are supposed to protect consumers…I know this because I read it on Pam Bondi’s webpage.   But that’s of course all a joke   As we see from all the internal emails   here and here when big companies are targets of investigations, they make big contributions, then they meet again and again to discuss how they should not be the subject of any investigation at all and things promptly go away.

But there’s a big problem with the whole 50 state AG thing.   The most important principle is government should not negotiate with terrorists. We used to live that here in the USA, but that was abandoned when the government got in bed with the terrorists.   The other problem with the whole AG approach to this international crime spree that is fraudclosure is that there is no solution to the crime spree that they have caused.   I’ve been saying this all along, that there can be no AG settlement because there are too many crimes, too many laws broken, too many claims and liabilities and so many parties involved.

Now if my mom lost her home and I found out there was fraud involved from begining to end will I respect the legitimacy of any settlement that lets all the wrongdoers go? No.   And neither will Americans.   They should, and they would riot in the streets if “our” government just continues to let them all walk.   And apparently AGs from across the country are now coming around to my way of thinking…..just like last week when Chairman Bernake issued a policy statement that confirms what we’ve all said all along that foreclosures are bad for everyone.

But the big story today is……

(From Firedog Lake another example of a real news source that is actually reporting)

This is a total mutiny from Tom Miller’s sideshow, which increasingly has been run by the Obama Administration and not the AGs. That sideshow has been falling apart; just yesterday we learned that the main Administration point person for the settlement, Thomas Perrelli, plans to step down in March.

These discussions are not taking place with the participation of the mortgage servicers. In other words, they are not negotiations. They are strategy sessions. They involve the AGs which have been the most aggressive in holding the banks accountable ““ Martha Coakley, Catherine Cortez Masto, Beau Biden, Eric Schneiderman, Kamala Harris ““ and a group of others (so far, all Democrats, though there are rumors that the Republican AG from Colorado may be involved) who want to benefit from their wisdom as they consider their own investigations. And that’s the right move. The banks will never provide a good deal as long as nobody actually investigates them to determine the depth of the fraud. The banks have all the leverage with a desperate coalition led by the Administration and Tom Miller. With a Schneiderman/Biden/Coakley coalition, the law enforcement officials have the leverage.



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