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Did the US Really Persecute A World Leader On a Totally Bogus Charge?

Dominque Strauss Khan was the head of the IMF.   He was in the running to be sort of an important guy in a little country called France.   But that all changed a few weeks ago with the spectacular charge that he had committed a brutal sex crime.

He claimed he was framed.   The little country he’s from smelled a rat and was particularly offended that our country had him doing a perp walk, handcuffs and all, in front of the world media.

And now the case is apparently blowing apart.

Did the accuser really work as a prostitute?


This is some sort of farce…a gag…a joke…

Played out on the international stage..

For all the world to see.



  • old guy says:

    It is hard to figure out what is going on but none of the actors are sympathetic:

    The IMF? Makes economic slaves worldwide.
    DKS? Known womanizer?
    Manhattan DA? Could indict a ham sandwich.
    American courts and justice system? LOL!
    Now the accuser is accused of being a prostitute? That’s rich.

    One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest….

  • John Anderson says:

    It was pre planed for sure. By whom and for what purpose remains unclear. But I suspect high finance players “the ones in control of our government ” are involved.

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