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Did The Republicans Just Lose The Election? Does Goldman Own Our Election And Why Will Neither Party Address Foreclosures?

Forget about old school Chicago ward style politics…the corruption on display by the GOP in Tampa was off the charts.   The ReTHUGliCON party was completely hijaked by the fascist neo cons, but in doing so they cut out even the hard right factions of the party.   Rush Limbaugh was up in arms, Morton Blackwell was up in arms, and even tea partiers are screaming.   The rules change were top down, iron fist mob style bullying…..except the mob is far more honorable and graceful about things.
So what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of supporters of Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement?   I know the first thing I did in response was to change my party affiliation… lifelong republican gone….how many more will formally leave (line here)…and how many more will vote their conscience and refuse to support the party of lying, cheating, stealing and thuggery? Ron Paul tried to work within the party and he and hundreds of thousands who share the core beliefs were beaten up lied to, cheated and robbed.   The GOP has been formally hijacked by the banker class and they will continue to do what they are programmed to do….abuse, steal from and destroy the rest of America. If you’re a middle class American and you’re thinking about voting for the banker class, you’ve really got a serious mental deficit.
And after all these weeks and weeks of talk…talk about everything..the color of Ann Romney’s dress, the fact that she convinced at least 15 people in America that Mitt was not a robot, about how the protesters were going to destroy Tampa (two arrests, God knows how many millions spent to turn Tampa into a Militarized Zone)…I cannot recall a single word about how corrupt our nation has become with the rise of the banker class, the fabrication of our elections and the fact that millions of families are still suffering in foreclosure. Speaking of suffering, good job to St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster for getting stiffed by the GOP…leaving St. Petersburg residents with hundreds of thousands of dollars in an unpaid party tab…compliments of the GOP….
But at least the fascists had a great shindig.


  • Jay says:

    I was given no written Notice of any of the last 3 foreclosure sales. Wells Fargo is desperate to get my property as I have lots of equity still, even after their predatory lending claim of $527,000, most of which is negative amortization from their pick-a-pay loans.
    Of course I am in California, the “non-judicial” state where our legislators gave away our judicial rights and we have few laws (and cases decided), and those we have, in my county, are not upheld. All any bank has to do in my county is come into the court and “say” they own the foreclosed property (often flashing a Deed of Trust of many years before – filed by a different bank – and “say” THEY own it, and our Judges give our homes to that bank! I am not exaggerating. I have seen this at least 8 times and watched my friends (and others I do not know) lose their homes with their evidence of Forensic Audits and Pooling and Service agreement documentation which shows that their homes are not even owned by the bank in court, but they are completely ignored. Recently a friend was denied a “jury trial” in her foreclosure, as she had requested on her pleadings, although others get them with threats of demands.
    Californians have been abandoned by their legislators. Sad day for the second-class Californians and other non-judicial state Americans.
    Do you know neighbors who have lost everything in foreclosure. Chances are the bank foreclosing did not even own their home. Wells Fargo certainly does not own mine, but persists in attempting constant foreclosure sales to get it ASAP.

  • Jay says:

    Floridians should give thanks for Matthew Weidner and all the other Florida lawyers who fight every day for their rights in court with grace and skill and help their residents. God and us, bless them for doing the job they are trained to do. I remain impressed every time I visit their sites. They sustain me that someday, in California too, justice shall be done.

  • jesse says:

    What’s the alternative Matt? Bitching without giving a solution is useless. Romney is another obama don’t fool yourself they are all puppets of the bankers. They run nothing!

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