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Deutsche Bank Defrauded American Taxpayers- Our Government Is Complicit in The Fraud and You’re Paying The Bill!

The American people are taxpayers are the victims of the single greatest fraudulent scheme and criminal conspiracy ever committed upon a people.   Our government is complicit in all of this.   “Leadership” of our country on both the government and industry side are really only on one side….the side of the banks, Wall Street and the criminal organizations that run this country and in the course of doing so are taking every last cent from the American People.

The 650 Page Full Report is found below, but slogging through the whole sickening report of fraud, collusion and complicity on the part of the United States government will just make you sick….if you’ve still got the ability to be disgusted by all this.   But slogging through all that is too much….just start with the lowlights produced by Lynn Syzmoniak..


Senate Full Report

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