Unfavorable reviews could be costing you money.  

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What should you do?

The most important thing every individual and business owner needs to do is to regularly perform independent searches to determine what online posts exists. If you find defamatory, improper online posts and especially posts that contain blatantly inaccurate or false information, you need to act quickly to have those posts removed.

According to a survey conducted by, 77% of consumers read online reviews before making a decision to buy.  What are the reviews saying about you?

Most reputation management companies can only suppress the online results, at best, and can't recover damages for you based on the libel or slander you may have suffered.

At WeidnerLaw, we work with clients to identify the sources of incorrect online information, we take immediate to get those posts removed then we pursue the parties making those false online posts to recover monetary damages you’ve suffered through defamation.


In The Media

matt weidner on wfla

News Channel 8 WFLA

Matt Weidner was featured on News Channel 8 WFLA's Better Call Behnken where he helped Sandra Proulx with her reverse mortgage nightmare. "Weidner look through the court file and showed where the bank made mistakes after the death of her parents. She should have contacted the bank and made sure the home was sold, Weidner said, because she likely would have received money from the sale."

Every day that goes by you could be losing money!

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