Foreclosure Defense Florida


One of the things that I’m most concerned with in the middle of this Foreclosure Fight is the increasing desperation I see and hear from clients and consumers.   Even if people are being treated fairly and getting foreclosed on, there are some folks who are just so desperate, so angry, so abandoned that they are going to take desperate measures.   There have been two examples just in the last month in my immediate area, and I’m certain that we’re going to see many more before this is all through.

It’s bad enough when people feel like they’re losing out when it’s a fair fight, but when people feel like they’re being abused and mistreated, then things are going to take a very ugly turn.   And we know from the testimony in front of Congress and all the reports that real people are suffering real abuse.   I’m not just saying abuse because your loan modification was denied.   I’m calling abuse the endless cycle of phone calls and lost paperwork and resubmitting documents over and over.   I’m calling abuse throwing a homeowner into the street then selling her home at foreclosure when they wouldn’t give the homeowner the same deal.   I’m calling abuse refusing to acknowledge the real purchase price of some of these loans…especially when the loans were purchased in government-subsidized sweetheart deals.

This has all got to stop.   Now.   We’ve all got to start looking after one another and protecting our neighbors and communities. We cannot let people suffer in silence.   We cannot let people think there is no hope.   The story reported below is tragic, but I want us all to think how we could have intervened to help this couple before this tragedy took place.   And because we’re going to see more and more of this, we all need to be working on ways to reach out to assist people before it gets this bad….



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