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Dear Judge (NAME WITHHELD): You Granted Foreclosure To The Wrong Party

It’s Not Chase Mortgage!

At some point in time, far into the future when I’m a retiring attorney with nothing left to lose, I’ll memorialize for posterity all of the very wrong things that have occurred in the context of this stain on our state’s judicial system that we’ll call, The Foreclosure Troubles.  Some have called this a foreclosure crisis…but it never really was a crisis and it still isn’ was merely troubles.

What happened in this foreclosure is really a travesty of justice…except that this is not a properly functioning justice system….courts have decided that it’s more important to expeditiously move cases through to foreclosure and clear the dockets rather than it is to answer the important and detailed questions that are presented in the more complex questions.

I find this case so disturbing because the court does not even address the very real issues that were presented at trial on these issues.


Motion for rehearing final draft 6-10-15

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