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David J. Stern Enterprises (DJSP)- One Investment Advisor Rates it a ‘Buy’

Put this in your list of,   “a ha ha ha ha ha” internet stories and mark the following link:

Andy Fligel

This brilliant advisor thinks you should invest all your money in David J. Stern Enterprises, Inc. for the following reasons:

As a value investor, I like to find fundamentally sound businesses with strong free cash flow generation that are out of favor and/or underfollowed, and where the interests of management are well aligned with shareholders. DJSP Enterprises (DJSP) fits this criteria and appears poised to deliver strong returns for many years, irrespective of whether the economy plods along or slips back into recession.

DJSP-weidner-lawI’ll put this firmly in the category of “everyone is entitled to their opinion”, but read the report below, print it out and stick it on your wall.   Maybe Mr. Fligel should talk to a few attorneys who have experience litigating against the mighty DJSP that he thinks so highly of.   And now, the report on David J. Stern Enterprises, DJSP:

David Stern is a BUY!


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