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I know this is going to shock some of you….we’re going to have to disavow your quaint notions of a government Of The People, by The People and for The People. For those six people out there in the country that missed all the headlines and didn’t catch that all of that has been revised to read:

A government Of The Corporations, By The Corporations And For The Corporations

Welcome to the new reality.   The latest concrete proof comes from the multi state attorney general mortgage fraud whitewash battleground. The battle lines are clear. One group of attorney generals want to let the banks walk away free, with no penalty.   Another group of attorney generals seeks to fulfill their Constitutional duty to protect The People from gross tyranny and extraordinary injustice and oppression.   This battle rages. From Firedog Lake:

The 1% protects the 1%. That’s all we’re talking about here. The problem for the Administration is that millions of homeowners have paid the price for this protection racket, and there’s an election coming up. So the effort will be made to create a fig leaf of a ” solution” to ” fix” the housing market and benefit homeowners. We’ve already run the numbers here. Shaun Donovan said the settlement will help 1 million homeowners and 10.7 million are underwater. The settlement has, at most, $20 billion for principal reduction (probably a lot less), averaging out to $20,000 per homeowner, when the average underwater amount is anywhere between $52,000 and $84,000. This is an inadequate settlement, even more so when you recognize that the banks would only have to hit a dollar amount rather than a number of borrowers, meaning that they’ll focus on the biggest houses and reduce the number of people getting relief.

There have been no real investigations to probe the extent of the fraud. Previous deals with the promise of loan modifications in exchange for a settlement resulted in the banks not doing the mods and actively harming the borrowers. And yet there’s this illusion of ” momentum” to move forward.

Read Reports from the battlefield here and here.   Incidentally, do you understand why you are reading none of this in mainstream media and why you cannot find any information about this from traditional news sources?

Think back to American Revolutionary times and frankly back to pre-Protestant Revolutionary times in Europe.   The biggest irritant to the entrenched power structures were the printing presses and the pamphleteers.   These domestic belligerents were broadcasting messages that were in direct conflict with the power centers and all out efforts were made to shut them down, silence them and persecute them.

And what do we find today?   The very same efforts being applied by our modern day persecutors and oppressors.   Today those laws are called, “STOP ONLINE PIRACE ACT” or “PIPA“. The government has lost control because sites like this one and others are sharing real information that challenges and exposes the existing power structures.   They are laid bare and exposed by these words, and they are fighting back hard to shut us down, quell the dissent, crimp off the flows of dissident information.

Remember, there was a reason why our founding forefathers guaranteed first our right to pamphleteer and to blog. Think about this and how they are moving to crush those rights.

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