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With the Coronavirus quarantine keeping most of the country at home, it’s the perfect time to take a quick look at your current will and estate plan. Is it time to make updates? Or is it time to get them done for the first time?

CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE? Get Your Will and Estate Planning Done!

Estate Planning Mistakes


It’s Time to Get Your Estate Planning in Order!

If you’re like one of the tens of millions of people who are stuck under a Safer at Home Order, you’re likely running out of things to clean and starting to feel that cabin fever. This is a great opportunity to look at getting your affairs into order – all of those things you keep pushing off for “some other time”. While you’re home respecting the Safer at Home Order, why not do something constructive?

Now, more than ever you should take the time to look over, update, or create your last will and testament and your estate plan. To help you to get that done, WeidnerLaw has developed an online portal that will allow you to get your will, power of attorney and health care surrogate completed…without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

This is an important addition to our website tools here at WeidnerLaw because (particularly during this time) we know how important it is that you have the ability to quickly and effectively make your end of life wishes known and to make sure that all of your other affairs are in order.

There is No Substitute For Actual Attorney Advice.

Estate planning is a serious business…and it is very state-specific. This is why it’s critical that you consult directly with an estate planning attorney who is properly licensed in your state in order to get your will and estate in order and to do it properly so that your wishes are upheld by the law and not dismissed for being improperly prepared.

Complete Will Preparation That Respects Stay at Home Orders!

At WeidnerLaw, we’re serious about respecting lawful orders entered by state and local officials, but we are also serious about working with consumers to accomplish essential activities. So we set up our simple to use portal that will allow you to properly plan your estate with the help of our attorneys without having to leave home. From our portal, our estate planning attorneys will take your initial information, and set up a private video meeting with you to provide you the direct attorney advice that you need to make proper estate planning decisions.  Next, we’ll get your documents set up and prepared for you, ensuring that all of the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed and that you are happy with the final outcome. Finally, we will set up a will execution for you so that your will can be properly notarized, witnessed and completed so that your documents follow all of the necessary protocols and that your wishes are respected and you can rest at ease!

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