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Congressional Testimony on The Fraudclosure Crisis and The Larger Foreclosure Catastrophe

I’m watching the entire video again right now, my initial takeaways from watching the video is that all of that it shows just how wildly the issues surrounding foreclosure and mortgage servicing fraud have spun wildly out of control.   What cannot be ignored is the fact that most of the issues foreclosure defense attorneys have been warning and raising issues about for years now are finally being admitted by the servicers and lenders and that officials with some power are now being forced to admit that many of the issues we have been raising are significant and profoundly damaging to the entire country.

For too many years, judges have ignored or dismissed the very issues that the Plaintiffs are now marching in front of Congress to admit.   These late admissions of fraud, mis service and error do nothing to solve the problems our country is now faced with.   We’re all being robbed by the banks and our courts are being abused and taken advantage of.

What we have folks is a Moral Hazard Juggernaut…..Please watch the entire video…..

CSPAN Video Here

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  • litgant says:

    I think judges who do not follow the rule of law may honestly be called Courtnauts.

    In bay area counties the Chief Courtnauts have refused to instruct judges to abide the strict rules of evidence in the rocket-docket. One Courtnaut said:

    “To hell with standing and capacity and your evidence of fraud, your client has not paid the mortgage in two years, that’s all the evidence I need to see. Summary Judgment granted.”

    Ok these Courtnauts flying the rocket-dockets are all of them sorry excuses for a judge.

    Now for the good judges out there in Florida aren’t you ashamed of your Benchnauts? Don’t it make you want to rip your Blacknaut robe and yell into the aircondition duct: Remember Solomon?

    The evil of the foreclosure catastrophe is we have not yet achieved fair courts in Florida or throughout the USA. The fraud continues. The coverup experts are trying to find ways to cover up all the criminal actions by lawyers, judges, servers, banks, lenders, appraisers, mortgage brokers, notaries, and false witnesses.

    In all of this, there must come a time for those who fight to win. So we will keep on fighting. Thanks Mr. Wiedner for being a real champion ironman for your clients.

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