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Code Lien Clearing

Cities and counties all across Florida spend millions of dollars clearing junk and debris and demolishing structures that are unsafe.  These lots sit vacant, abandoned, blighted…in many cases for decades. Multiply these cases out across an entire city and what you find is that over years, Cities collectively are owed hundreds of millions of dollars…money that goes uncollected. This money is taxpayer dollars that are spent caring for property that the owners have abandoned.

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These abandoned properties represent the single biggest blight and cause of economic despair in communities that are already struggling.

Code Lien Clearing Live

But there is a proven and IMMEDIATE way to speed capital flowing into communities, to get neighborhoods working TOGETHER again, to create affordable housing and to allow elected officials to show communities that have long been suffering that they are serious about providing real solutions to long-standing problems.

code Lien Clearing

Code Lien Clearing

Neighberhood Refurbishment

The solution to these problems lies right within our communities and neighborhoods themselves. Achieving immediate and very real results requires only one thing:

Community leaders work with elected officials to adopt a Title Clearing and Lot Disposition Program!

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