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Mortgage Justice Group, ForeclosureHamlet and 4closurefraud join Awake the State, the Coalition of Occupy Foreclosure Working Groups movement, and other groups across the nation to rally at the capital in Tallahassee for the annual FORECLOSURE AWARENESS DAY RALLY on Feb. 16, 2012.   The rally is to bring awareness about illegal foreclosures and to stop the Florida legislature from making Florida a non-judicial state, thus denying citizens ” due process” in court.

Several Florida legislature bills, particularly HB 213 and the amended PCB, sponsored by Kathleen Passidomo backed by The Bankers Association, are attempting to make Florida a non-judicial state which would preclude homeowners from defending a foreclosure in order to “fast track” the foreclosure process, denying Floridians their day in court..

FREE buses, traveling up both coasts of Florida, will pick up participants along the way to the capital. Rep. Scott Randolph, Rep. Darren Soto, attorney activist Matt Weidner, citizen activist Lisa Epstein and other nationally known speakers will be presenting new vital information about the foreclosure situation. Participants will be meeting with members of the legislature to express their objections to the bills.

While other states like Nevada, Delaware and Massachusettes have begun investigating and prosecuting foreclosure fraud, some in the Florida legislature seem intent on speeding up the process, leaving homeowners displaced and often homeless. Close to 25% of children in Florida are living in motels and cars. Those fighting against the proposed bills feel this number will increase.

Homeowners are facing continued frustration by the lack of assistance from any branch of government, the legislature, or the judicial system.   Even homeowners not in foreclosure are struggling to cope with its effects on property values, decreasing community/school property tax-based revenue, deteriorating communities, and prolonged damage to our economy.

For information about the FORECLOSURE AWARENESS DAY RALLY and to make a reservation for the free bus to Tallahassee   contact or call Betsy at 941 351-0452.

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