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CITIGROUP Replaces JPMorgan As White House Chief of Staff….

Did you watch the State of the Union Address last night?   You didn’t miss much.   A whole lotta nothing.   I counted a few more countries we appear to be going to war with then totally lost count of all the new policies and programs and laws we’re all gonna be treated to.   Apparently kids now have until they’re 18 to graduate high school….and some folks are gonna pay more taxes.

We were of course all primed up to hear something big on foreclosures or housing….but we got a big fat nothing. So if you’re not sufficiently terrified because we have an utterly impotent president and a bizarrely incapable field of Rethuglican contenders, well just go back to sleep.   Election fraud is occurring all across the country, much of it appears to be aimed at suppressing the Ron Paul vote….so again, if you’re not sufficiently terrified, just go back to sleep.


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  • Triumphant says:

    It’s probably worth reminding folks what “guidance” the Mortgage Bankers Association / Florida Bankers Association (proposed amicus of respondent) is about to provide the Florida Supreme Court in the Roman Pino case:

    “Issues to Be Addressed
    4. The MBA’s and FBA’s Amicus briefwould discuss (i) Florida Rules ofCivil Procedure 1.420(a) and 1.540, the interplay between these Rules and the conflict between the plain meanings ofthe Rules that various answers to the certified questions could create; (ii) the Florida legal precedent governing when assignments ofmortgage should and should not be scrutinized in foreclosure cases and the impact ofa potential ruling on that body oflaw; and (iii) the potential chilling effect on litigation and uncertainty in business dealings that this Court’s opinion could foment.”

    NOTE point ii. This paragraph is a “crap sandwich” and the “crap” is that the MBA and FBA must be instructing the Supreme Court here and now to specifically find that assignments of mortgages, even outright fraudulent ones, are not really necessary in foreclosure actions and thereforth cannot be considered as “frauds upon the court.” This would be a major disaster for Florida, its citizens and its land records, but the American Land Title Association and the Florida Land Title Association (another proposed amicus) will support the banksters as they dance together through the gates of hell…

    See the Motion at

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