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Cities and County Governments Stand to Collect Millions on Behalf of Taxpayers From the Foreclosure Mills

Cities and counties across the state stand to collect millions of dollars in fees from the foreclosure mills because they either ignore out of ignorance or omit because they are unaware of lien laws, municipal liens that are recorded in counties all across the state.

I am aware that Pinellas County and the City of St. Petersburg have documented millions of dollars in uncollected municipal liens.   It’s time for taxpayers to demand that this money be collected from the MILLIONAIRE FORECLOSURE MILLS AND THEIR TITLE INSURORS.

To be clear about the issue.   Valid and enforceable liens are recorded against properties and the mills just don’t name the lien holders, whether they be the City or the County.   Even though the mills are ignoring these liens, they exist, they are there and they cannot be ignored when they are attacked at any point in time subject to the statutes of limitations.

Stay tuned for more on this issue…it’s where the real financial impact of this foreclosure chaos will start to pay recoveries for those impacted by the foreclosure crisis chaos.

For now, be sensitive and aware of the facts that the Millionaire Foreclosure Mills and the Fat Cat Wall Street bankers are avoiding paying legitimately assessed liens.   Contact your city and county commissioners and code enforcement staff and find out what is being done to collect this money.   Forward this blog post to your elected officials, particularly those at the city and county levels and ask them to inquire of their legal staff what is being done to enforce these liens.


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  • PJ says:

    Matt, thanks for addressing the multi-layer issues at hand. I’m in NY , but watch the issues all over the country, you have done the right work at the right time for your community. And in doing so have brought many issues long over looked into play, that will soon be applicable in all states. Kudos & thank you!

    The facts of your current post have been on my mind for over a year, it has been a slight of hand on many level’s , at least from what I have seen going on in my neck of the wood’s… and it need’s to be addressed… but that can be discussed at a later date…

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