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Chief Judges In Every Florida Circuit: Dismiss All Unverified Homestead Foreclosure Complaints!

The Supreme Court Rule is here. Although the Millionaire Mills suggest that because they have filed comments, the Rule is not in effect, they should re-read page ten of the Rule:

“Because the amendments to form 1.996(a) (Final Judgment of Foreclosure) were not published by the Court for comment prior to their adoption, interested persons shall have sixty days from the date of this opinion in which to file comments, on those amendments only, with the Court.”

The only portion of the Rule that is even open to comment is the portion that deals with the Final Judgment Form……


It’s black and white and not even subject to discussion or debate.   This absurd argument cannot be the basis not to sanction the firms for engaging in such offensive conduct after Rule’s effective date.   The Millionaire Mills and their hotshot attorneys have either misread the rule or they’re trying to play a game of smokescreen to create a false sense of legitimacy for ignoring the Supreme Court.   Your Foreclosure Defense bar started to prepare comments to the Rule, but we actually read the Rule and recognize that it is in full force and effect and not even open to comments.

Having said that, The Florida Legislature is furious about this Rule and they, along with the Fat Cat Bankers, are going to be conspiring against the Supreme Court of Florida and the citizens to frustrate this Rule.   The legislature does not recognize that the Constitution of the State of Florida empowers the Supreme Court to make and enforce such Rules, they incorrectly believe that the Supreme Court is impermissably legislating from the bench.

This will be a long and hard fight but it is the Supreme Court and Courts across the state fighting with consumers and the Rule of Law against the greed, arrogance, fraud and flagrant disregard for law being constantly exhibited by the Millionaire Foreclosure Mills and the Fat Cat Bankers.


  • dion says:

    I am not a lawyer and have bee fighting forclosures on rental and primary homes. I have went through a lot and on my primary I did a loan mod, made my payments for 3 months and the bank has yet to modify my loan. It has been 3 months sence and refuse to send more payments? I filed a complaint with the court house and the lis pendens attorney? What should I do from this point?

  • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    Keep the pressure on Matt, et. al. From way up here in Kentucky I still see some chinks in the armor of the bad players down there.

    Very “heartening” that LPS and Docx are now under investigation, and that by multiple agencies. I intend to approach my county and state authorities again with evidence of the bad deeds and to use the actions of Florida’s investigators to help substantiate my position. My previous attempts at persuading them was met with the attitude of “You seem to be nothing more than a bummed out foreclosure case loser. If what you say were true then there would be attorneys coming to us. You need to get an attorney.” Yep, our tax dollars at work.

  • Matt,

    Do you have the email addresses for all the Chief Judges across the state?

    Here’s my contribution:

    Keep up the wonderful work on this blog. Know your time and efforts are deeply appreciated and valued.


  • Robert Wayne says:

    Great work Matt.
    I have a lot of years on you, but you are really good.


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