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Chief Judge Warns- We’ve Got A Whole Pile Of Void Service Of Process, the “POOF” Problem solved…

robosigner-foreclosuresI’m glad the Palm Beach Post is reporting on allegations of problems with Service of Process.   It’s a nice start, but then, it’s just the start.   Have a read of the first letter where the judge warns of a major problem, then read the “solution” in the following email.   Now I just wonder, particularly in light of all the allegations contained in the ACLU Lawsuit, (which everyone must read) how often the court down there is asking itself,

“How do you think we can help out those poor defendants today?   We many not be able to cure their legal issues, but we’d sure like to help give them some strong legal arguments in their case!”

There is much more to this story….but just start here….

judge letter 2010_2_1

Fw CPS issue – Camille Cavallo-1


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