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HAMP-septemberIt will come as no surprise to anyone following the foreclosure wars to know that the lenders absolutely do not want to modify loans or work with borrowers.   One need look no further than the  September Hamp Numbers for specific facts to back this up, but the bottom line is the servicers are taking   billions in taxpayer dollars (dollars that Congress now admits they are not entitled to in some cases), but they are not working with the very taxpayers that are funding their effort. That’s heaping insult on top of injury on top of obscenity…but then who really cares right?

It’s bad enough that they’re not being dealt with fairly, but below is proof positive from a lender that they are going to be actively working behind the borrowers back.

Chase Waiver Request (redacted)


This is an absolute license to negotiate in bad faith, provide false hope while at the same time, work hard to achieve the ultimate goal (take the home).   Anyone need anymore proof that there are perverse, hidden motives here and that the lenders are not interested in keeping borrowers in their homes?

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  • Roberto says:

    Be careful with what you hear from chase. They lie, make you believe things. A letter was sent to me on April 24, 2011 stating that my mortgage loan interest rate had been reduced from 6.25% to 2.875. This created a new hope for me and my family. Called them on Monday 5-2-11. A Chase customer representative advised me that everything was fine, that my home was not going to be foreclosed on. Today, May 3, 2011, received notice that my home had been sold in auction on 5-2-11, only four hours after I was told by a Chase Representative that everything had been worked.

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