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Chase Employee- “We’re in The Foreclosure Business Not Modifications”

Chase-Bank-ModificationsHow many millions of hours have Americans spent filling out all their forms? How much has Fed Ex made overnight packages back and forth? How much time and how many million dollars was wasted on the billion dollar bank boodoggle called the modification scam?   Of course, nothing at all could be accomplished to help the average American, but the banks shoved billions into their own pockets while running Americans around through a senseless maze like a bunch of circus animals….but just listen to what Mandelman Says:

When it comes to homeowners applying for loan modifications, mortgage servicers come in three types:   Terribly Annoying, Unbearably Annoying, and Make-You-Want-to-Burn-Your-House-to-the-Ground Annoying.

Some people laugh at that description, and I might have laughed at it too, before I came to realize that it was such a dramatic understatement.

Not only are all mortgage servicers absolutely God-awful to deal with all the time and in every conceivable way, but they haven’t changed even one iota in three years.   They were entirely incompetent when they started modifying loans and they are every bit as incompetent today.   It’s really quite stunning”¦ the only thing they do consistently is perform poorly.

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  • Marcia says:

    After two years of consistent vigilance, I just got a modification on my mortgage with Chase. I finally had to work with MHA and Money Management International to get push to shove. They showed me the formulas that underwriters use and I actually wrote out the 6 formulas inserting my figures on my 7th application showing them that I qualified. Then I got my second trial payment period which went over the three months. When that happened I got MHA to call with me every week to ask what was happening. (Now they won’t talk to MHA but this rule is changing). Chase almost closed my case for the 7th time. I went through an intensive budget analysis process with Money Management Int’l who made up a report saying that I was a good candidate for modification, and they sent it to Chase. The next week I got a modification. Almost 2 years to the day since I began the maddening process.

    Don’t give up. It’s no just your house you are saving; you are fighting for our rights as well.

  • Jan says:

    How much paperwork did the banksters have to fill out to get their $2 trillion bailout?

    These are corrupt theives that are using the fake bankruptcy of the United States since 1933 to steal the wealth of America through their fiat fake money debt system that has robbed us blind. Where are the LAWYERS? There is NO LAW in this country anymore, only Attorneys- who are the bill collectors for the banksters. Until we bring back Constitutional Law, we will have no just ice. For now, it’s just us! I think we need to sue the Federal Government for our loses, as THEY were the ones that gave the banksters OUR money, so they could turn around and steal our homes. They put up NO money to “lend” as they are only issuing credit, through the BK of the US. They only “lent” their “services”. The contracts are deceptive. Ask for the fiduciary tax return to see how they reported the “loan”. The transaction was actually an exchange. We credited the bank with a deposit in the form of the promissory note, and they credited us back in the form of credit, which got deposited in another bank as another deposit. And all of these deposits are credits to the banking system. They hold 10% in reserves and the rest gets deposited in the “pot” that gets to be magnified 9 times over. It’s actually a ponzi scheme and the end of the line has already come and gone. The system has to collapse and we need to start over by forgiving everyones debt as there is not enough money in the world to cover the total derivitives bubble. Get ready.

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