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Charlotte County- Please Vote Deb Lilley For Charlotte County Clerk of Court!

Our nation suffers from a fatal disease, it’s the disease of a two party political system rigged by insiders who have conspired against the best interests of the American People.
The parties move in and install their puppets to campaign, then the voting population falls for the tricks and propaganda of yardsigns, glossy mailers and packaged commercials.   Nearly every product that is marketed and sold to consumers is regulated to prevent outright fraud, lies and misrepresentation that’s used to fool the American voter….not so the political products and the marketing that surrounds them.   And so when the elections are over, we’re left with puppets that are beholden to interests other than that of the American people….they serve the corporate masters that are gutting this nation and destroying our future.
But there is a revolution that is occurring….private citizens who are taking on the awesome challenge of running for office with the sole desire and intention to serve their community and citizens and not give in to the corruption and lies of the status quo.
Nowhere is this more important than the office of Clerk of Court, and no where the fresh light of true grass roots democracy shining greater than in Charlotte County where Deborah Lilley is running to be Clerk of Court.   Deborah, joined by her fellow patriots Matt Gardi in Monroe County and Lisa Epstein in Palm Beach County, is running on a platform to restore integrity, honesty and efficiency in her county’s office.   It’s a true grassroots effort and she’s out there pounding the pavement hard every single day.
She’s meeting her neighbors and she’s making promises that her neighbors can trust her to serve their interests above all else.   Deborah Lilley is a person of great integrity with a deep passion to serve her community and show real integrity in public service.   I encourage you all to log onto her websites below and provide support for her campaign.
Let’s get real people that serve our interests into office!
Vote Deb Lilley for Charlotte County Clerk of Court!
Her website page is


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