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Catastrophic Economic Collapse- This is what it looks like…..

Like we’ve all been saying for years…fraudclosure and robo signing and the fundamental breakdown of the Rule of Law.   Proof that the fascists are in control everywhere is, well….everywhere.
How is it that bankers and traders can brazenly steal hundreds of millions of dollars from “segregated” accounts and suffer no consequences for doing so?   How is it that the bankers can violently batter down the doors of American’s homes, surreptitiously change their locks and leave behind locks that can be opened by tends of thousands of other contractors, workers, thugs?
Well we’ve watched for years now as the Rule of Law has not just yielded, but has advanced to powerfully support such things.   The phrase that always comes to mind is….”First They Came”…

First they came with forged documents, submitted them in court and threw my neighbor out of his home.

But I did nothing, because I was not in foreclosure.

Then they came with forged trades and stole hundreds of millions from farmers in the midwest.

But I did nothing, because I was not a farmer in the midwest.

Then they came with forged bank statements and stole hundreds of millions from brokerage accounts.

But I did nothing, because I didn’t have a brokerage account.

Then they came with a crowbar and an impact drill to drill out and pry down my neighbor’s door.

But I did nothing, because it was not my door.

And so when they came and cleaned out my retirement account and wiped clean my bank account leaving me no means to feed myself or fend for my family, there was nothing I could do, there was no one to fight for me.

That should send a chill down your spine and if it doesn’t, you’re either suffering from a mental defect or you just don’t get it.   But you need not look any further than the latest banking scandal to understand that this is all endemic in the system.   You cannot have just one or two or even a handful of players mastering the con without them being exposed as gross outliers.   They are not outliers; it’s the system that they created, that they run and that they supervise and regulate.
Clearly Obama is to blame for all this and Mitt will surely save us all. Or is it Mitt is to blame for all of this and Obama will save us all?   No, no, no. Geithner and Bernake and Blankfeld are not to blame and together they will save us all…..
And now for the story…

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