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Capacity- A Simple Question At The Heart of Every Foreclosure Suit

capacity-motionThe simple, unsophisticated motion attached below lies at the heart of the Category 5 hurricane that has been hovering over Florida for years now, it gaining strength and will obliterate the financial markets that are theoretically run or operated by all those big shot, smart guys on Wall Street and in DC.   I say theoretically run because I think we’re all recognizing that this whole system has run of it’s track.   The entire US mortgage market, and with it or financial system, is like a beat up, broken down jalopy of a big old Winnebago that’s screaming down the highway at full speed…smoke and oil billowing out of it with pieces and parts flying off in every direction.   Some of us look at that picture and think, “that don’t look right.”   Others, like the big shots in DC and Fat Cats on Wall Street, say, “Everything’s just fine, no problem here folks.   Take our word for it, things are just fine..just fine…just fine.”

Bank of America is reported as saying they’ve reviewed all their files and they have not found any significant problems at all….that’s a statement so absurd it defies commentary.   Apparently all my clients and every Realtor who will tell you that Bank of America is the absolute worst to deal with are totally wrong.

Denial is a very, very dangerous defense mechanism.

And here is my simple little motion, filed two years ago and never answered yet.



  • canceledcwmods says:

    One of the noted strategies of CountryWide/BofA is to have a Debt Collector such as Litton take over as ‘Servicer’ when CW/BofA has decided to abandon modification.

    I’ll bet such loans are not even being reviewed, even though the paperwork that needs to be in order is part of the CW MESS.

  • Abby says:

    Better recheck. I believe the NA banks are regulated by the OCC and they do NOT have to register with each individual state in order to conduct business in that state.

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