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Business Law Group and LM Funding- Oral Arguments on Litigation Privileged in Homeowner’s Association Assessment Collection

By January 13, 2016No Comments

Consumers should be aware of the very troubling model for collection of homeowner’s and condominium association assessments that is being pursued by LM Funding and Business Law Group.

As detailed in pleadings filed in federal court (those pleadings can be found here on my website, search, “LM Funding”), the alleged right to collect homeowner’s association obligations is transferred from the Association to the entity known as LM Funding…who then pursues very aggressive collection against the debt.

Things get really out of hand when this aggressive collection turns into conflict of interest with the association who was originally owed the debt…before it was sold or transferred to LM Funding.

In this oral argument of a case pending in Florida’s Second District Court of Appeals you see where the homeowner attorney describes an affidavit filed by the association who formally disavowed the course of action taken by Business Law Group and LM Funding….but still the litigation continues…

Excellent oral argument by Adam Knight!

And keep following this interesting case, Buckley v. Rosenbaum Mollengarden which features a homeowner’s association pursuing their former attorneys for continued pursuit of a case…in conflict with the homeowner’s association.

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