I know it’s Friday, and should be time to sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend…but I’m sick and tired of my clients spending all their time one phone with some faceless operator in India begging him or her for a mortgage modification and having explain to the operator that the reason he cannot pay his mortgage because he lost his job.

Maybe, just maybe and I’m just guessing here…my clients would better be able to pay their mortgages if their jobs weren’t being shipped offshore…with their own federal tax dollars!

And just so we’re clear….your government gave the lenders $75 billion dollars that they used to employ operators in India…and these operators tell my clients again and again and again…

“We’re sorry Mr. Smith, but you do not qualify for any of the assistance that your government has

paid for.”

Kinda makes you wonder what the point of it all is.

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  • FISERV just let go 60+ employees in Melbourne yet their “GLOBAL” division in India is humming right along.

    They have a real slick program that automatically combs public record in all counties in all 50 states yet is SENT TO INDIA for typing. Hmmm….. perhaps all these smart American Title Examiners REALLY DON’T NEED to examine the FULL CHAIN OF TITLE.

    Just give em’ the last deed of record, that will suffice. I should know, I worked in their facility… until I started asking managers questions about MERS & junk like that… then you get FIRED!

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