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Boston Bombing Update- The President of The United States of America Declares War on Czechoslovakia!

In a hastily-organized press conference, President Obama, flanked by his national security advisers announced that in retaliation for the unprovoked bombing in Boston, the full weight of the United States military would attack Czechoslovakia.   When a reporter asked why we were attacking Czech when the masterminds were of Chechyn origin, Mr. Obama had the reporter removed from the press conference and explained that the United States would attack terrorists wherever they hide.   When another reporter reminded that one of the bombers was an American citizen and that neither had ever spent time in Chechnia, Mr. Obama had that reporter taken out as well and explained, “Exactly!”
Reached by phone, former President Bush said, “What took this President so long?” while former Vice President Dick Cheney exclaimed, “Finally, it’s long past time that the American military was put to effective use.”
When a reporter questioned why the US was attacking any country when the terrorists were in fact Americans and asked how many civilian casualties the president expected since he was announcing the attack of civilian targets, that reporter likewise was first removed before the president explained, “We’ve only had a few hundred civilian deaths, but we are committed to fighting terrorism wherever they hide.” To which another reporter asked, “Why are there already deaths?   Aren’t you just announcing the attacks?” This reporter as well was removed.
By the end of the press conference, all the reporters had been removed, taken to off site locations and will never be heard from again.   The war waged on, with door to door searches, drone strikes and constant attacks. The battlefront extended all across America because, after all,

The President is committed to rooting out terrorism….no matter where they live.

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