You have to see this one to believe it! This transcript provides an inside look into the practices of the Law Offices of David J. Stern.



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  • bmurphy says:

    This is great stuff, BUT, now that Cox has allowed the fraud monsters off the hook and handed it to the FL Bar, who has nowhere near the resources to stop the theft and put people in jail, we are at a dead end. I don’t understand after reading that transcript why the AG can’t go after them from Criminal theft. The naming of the extra defendant to garner more and more fees knowing they didn’t exist, JUST TO GET EXTRA fees is criminal. They keep a bible on the judges. I had suspected they were instrumental in getting some of the tough judges removed, now I am convinced. The entire system is totally corrupt. I have lost faith in the courts and I am ashamed to be part of this State and Country right now. All I have left is hope that some sanity will arise and the bad corrupt people will be stopped and some rule of law be put back into place.

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