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BOMBSHELL- The Inspector General Report on Fraudclosure Filings

4closurefraud-radioFor those of you new to this story, Florida’s former attorney general, Bill McCollum attorney general   opened   up a total of nine (count ’em 9) investigations into what was going wrong in the state called Fraudcloure, i.e. Florida, the Fraudclosure state.


When the Republicans voted in a governor who was accused of bilking old people out of billions of dollars of health care dollars and an attorney general called Pam Bondi, it seems like these investigations became not so important and that there was an (ahem) change in priorities.   Or, as they say in the report, “I think they got the message”.   I think the message is, leave the banks alone, let them do what they want.

The narrative released is that the two fired attorneys were not performing properly, that they had been warned and that they had to be fired for “professionalism”. The problem with this narrative is that there is next to ZERO evidence from the prior supervisor, Mark Hamilton to support this allegation.

So now we have a new AG coming in and slamming former employees who were not criticized by their prior bosses, (McCollum and Hamilton) in addition to whistleblowers and consumers who just get ripped to pieces in this report….for doing the right thing.

Read the report in its entirety and make sure to listen to the radio program!




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