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BOMBSHELL- SCOTT ANDERSON AND OCWEN- “The whole case is evidence of an entire fraud on the court.”


I’m deep in the depths of fear, misery and foreboding about where this country is most assuredly heading.

I would like more of our courts to stand up and protect the Rule of Law, protect the people our government was supposed to serve, to make simple and plain statements confirming that Americans can live in their homes without fear of the banks breaking down their doors, but we live in a lawless, evil nation where the banks and Wall Street own and control our government and they dole out the law they have written with devastating power and reckless viciousness.

But every so very often (and less and less often now) a court does step up and fulfill that responsibility to a legal system that was supposed to protect us.   Here is one such example…..

The Court:                 Our whole system is based on people telling the truth.

Why Do People Do These Fake Assignments?

A false affidavit filed with the court seems to me might rise to the level of fraud on the court

And that coupled with Mr. Anderson telling someone else to sign his name in front of a notary, that’s not fraud on the court?

THE COURT: Are you going to go on their
17 assignment? This is an assignment where the witness
18 testified that he didn’t sign the assignment. He
19 delegated the right to sign the assignment to
20 another person who signed it in front of a notary,
21 who said she personally knew him; and it was signed
22 by a her. You’re going to go forward with that? I
23 mean this is —
24 MR. CRAWFORD, II: No, your Honor.
25 THE COURT: I’m just curious.

20111114 Order Dismissing with Prejudice-1

2011 10 04 Hearing Transcript-1

2011 10 25 Hearing Transcript



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