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Foreclosure Defense Florida

BOMBSHELL- NEW FORECLOSURE DEFENSE (not yet ready for public release)


  • Letty says:

    Dont let the other side know keep it to yourself and your clients please I dont want them killing this idea either. We have very little defenses as it is if the crooked judges and the plaintiffs attorneys get a hold of it the are going to be fighting hard to overcome it dont give them the ammunition.

  • scott mccord says:

    Is it too late for this “new” defense you speak of if I just came from a hearing where the judge finalized the foreclosure. He wouldn’t hear anything I had to say even though I presented him with a Motion to dismiss due to lack of service”…..he just laughed and said “good luck to you” and motioned for me to leave. Some system!

  • scott says:

    Could you please remove my last name from the previous post? Thanks!

  • Blue Floridian says:

    Teases like this are not good for people who check in here and are desperate for some news that might save their homes. You are generally helpful but teases like this are not helpful.

    • is just not proper to be fully releasing something until it is developed….until the other side has beaten it and taken it apart….until multiple judges have ripped you up one side and down the other. this has moved beyond the foreclosure mills, and they have brought on the tall building lawyers….the big boys shrug their shoulders and respond, “wow…you’re right….those foreclosure mills surely have screwed the pooch on this one”

      • Whip says:

        I think I know the area not discussed, but does it specifically deal with Pooling & Servicing, Securitization loans only, i.e. Unauthorized BLANK ENDORSEMENTS where Special Endorsements are required as defined in the Conveyance?

  • Deborah Orr says:

    Kudos to you Matt for your diligence in fighting the bank fraud that threatens our entire society. What the judges and everyone doesn’t get is that this doesn’t only affect homeowners in default. It’s affects everyone because the integrity of our recording system has been destroyed. Nobody knows if their title is clouded with improper transfers or fraud and some might only find out when they try to refinance and sell. Moreover, if the legislators have their way and pave the way for banks to dump 360,000 foreclosed homes into our market, ALL of us will suffer significant depreciation in our homes. The facts should not be ignored. Every Floridian will suffer

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