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The fact that America has turned into a crumbling, utterly corrupt and probably fatally-flawed mess has been on full display since at least 2008 when the financial sector collapsed and a corrupt cabal of con artists and bag men, representing the banks, Wall Street and the institutions that caused the collapse held a gun to the head of the American people and demanded that they all be bailed out.

Bernake, Paulson, Geithner, Bush, Obama, Congress- they are all complicit.   A government’s primary, if not its singular purpose, is to protect The People and protect The County itself from harm and danger.   Government should exist to protect the way of life and the basic principles that this nation was founded upon.

And yet, in the blink of an eye…just a millisecond in the history of this formerly great nation, our government at all levels turned its back on The People. Our government in fact sold us all out to the banksters, the con artists, the criminals that destroyed this nation.

How is this not treason?   Why has the national conversation that treason has indeed been committed not begun to occur?

I can tell you the reason is because the treason is so wide and disbursed.   It reaches from one end of this nation to another. It occurred in boardrooms and statehouses and Congressional offices and it occurred in the White House going back at least several administrations.

We The People have all been sold out. Our government has been utterly corrupted, our way of life decimated.

Those that are responsible for this treason are not punished…in fact they are granted ever greater prestige, power and wealth.   They gut and destroy companies, sending jobs, which are the foundation of this nation, offshore. In boardrooms, the intellectual property and amazing developments that We The People created are stolen from us and given away to other nations. The engineers and great minds that gave birth to such innovations are left to languish while the workers who would have brought such innovations to life rot away, unable to work, unable to provide for their families.

Our elected leaders accept bribes, but they call them contributions, then allow the continuing destruction to occur.

The President of the United States cannot utter the words or admit the truth that crimes have been committed and that they continue to occur under his watch, with his blessing, with the encouragement of his adminstration.

As detailed in the groundbreaking book, “Reckless Endangerment”, those that facilitated all of this continue to rise to ever higher levels of power and responsibility.

People like me who dare to stand up and speak out wind up in jail. Targets.

I very much encourage all of you to read the following report, just published by my friend Michael Olenick.   I certainly fear the persecutions that are coming, but I know that all of my friends will be there…..

Naked Capitalism

There Goes the Neighborhood,” which ran on 60 Minutes last Sunday, is a must-see piece. Scott Pelley walks through a pillaged house in Cleveland, slated for demolition in a county neighborhood stabilization program. This abandoned house is owned by Structured Asset Investment Trust 2003-BC11. An investor reports lists the property as ” in foreclosure” despite no court filing. Ohio is a judicial foreclosure state, so a foreclosure filing requires a lawsuit, but there isn’t one.

According to the prospectus, Trust 2003-BC11 was underwritten by Lehman Brothers. Aurora Loan Services is the Master Servicer, though the entire trust was passed to sub-servicers. Specifically Chase, Option One, Ocwen, and Wells Fargo serviced 30.46%, 29.47%, 26.84%, and 12.19% of the loans.




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