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BOMBSHELL- It Was Improper to Charge For Service of Process on People That Did Not Exist….

From the way, way back machine in foreclosure fraud and abuse….comes an old, old story…apparently breathed into a new life….
Of course, nothing will ever come of this……
A foreclosure law firm violated state law by charging homeowners for summonses served on ” John and Jane Doe” and other unknown parties who may have claims on the property, a Palm Beach County judge has ruled.
It is common practice for law firms to serve foreclosure paperwork on homeowners, as well as separate summonses for ” unknown tenant,” or ” unknown spouse,” even if the borrower is single and is not renting out the property. The borrower is usually billed for the additional summonses at about $45 each.
Law firms have said the practice is necessary because they need to sue every person or entity who may have a claim on the home in order to ensure clear title at the end of the suit.


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  • sara smite says:

    i beleive the entire fraudclosure mess which includes under regulated hamp/harp modifications, dual tracking, loss of paper work, telling us not to pay our current mortgages, no assignments recorded by fnm and fdmc, and of course our robosigning. is the MORTGAGE INTREST DEDUCTION.
    obama would have not been able to end the mortgage intrest deduction with a republican congress. so what was the way to STOP homeowners from using this deduction is end homeownership. so those who fight and lose or those that walk away homeownership has ended for them and now they do not use the deduction anymore. the rest of us whom have lawyers like you mat, april, mark that get it have a slight chance of winning. i say slight chance because its one case at a time. you guys are doing great things for florida homeowners but the real meaning behind this was to end the mortgage intrest deduction. have you ever looked into the fair tax?
    we are in sad time. keep up te good work. thank you

  • cesar says:

    In my foreclosure i have an unknown spouse, my wife also has an unknown spouse, a couple A.K.A.’s that i have never heard of. Oh, i can’t forget about the 4 unknown tenants in my single family home in which i claim homestead. Total bill around 600 bucks, easily could have been only under 100 dollars.

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