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BOMBSHELL! Florida Judge Finds US Bank in Contempt of Court! (US Bank v. Jansen)

foreclosure-case-winAt some point in time (maybe) judges in courtrooms across this nation will stand up and start taking notice of the tyranny that is being perpetrated in courtrooms all across this country.   Good judges will take a look at the scales of justice and begin to shift the balance so that there is some balance and equality, giving The People some voice against The Banks who have done so much damage to this nation.   The story below, documenting years of abuse a homeowner suffered at the hands of the mighty, is not unusual…except that (finally) a court has stepped up and is balancing the scales of justice. Read the story, then read the pleadings below:
SARASOTA – A circuit court judge found one of the largest banks in the country in contempt of court on Friday over a foreclosure case that has dragged through the system for several years.

Attorneys for Dimitri Jansen, a local schoolteacher whose former home in North Port is in foreclosure, said such the contempt order against Minneapolis-based U.S. Bank, is ” unprecedented.”
Jansen says his mother’s name was mistakenly added to the mortgage he obtained in 2006, that the bank has ignored requests to remove her name from the foreclosure documents and thus wrecked her credit history, and that the bank held up a pending short sale.
Another Sarasota judge, apparently frustrated with U.S. Bank, had ordered the bank’s president to be present in court on Friday. The bank instead sent a senior representative, who declined to comment.
Sarasota Circuit Court Judge Charles Williams found the bank in indirect civil contempt. It is unclear what, if any, sanctions the bank will face at the next court hearing in February 2013. (rest   story here)
And the underlying pleadings below:

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