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The allegations in this video, BY A UNITED STATES SENATOR are terribly, terribly disturbing.

A United States Senator alleges that the US Senate never actually voted on the Biggert Water Flood Legislation.

Watch the video of US Senator Landreau below:

And then consider this:

  • Your flood insurance company receives 30% of your premium to “administer” your flood policy. If there is a claim they receive over 60% of your premium. If you purchased “forced flood insurance”, up to 75% of the flood premium goes to the insurance company.
  • Keep in mind if there is a claim, the money comes from the NFIP program. THERE IS NO RISK TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY.
  • Currently 5.5 million flood policy holders. FEMA is EXPANDING the flood plain across the country to include 17 million homes in a flood plain. (3 people per household = 51 million people)

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  • neidermeyer says:

    Senate banking comittee ,, run by democRATS ,, no surprise here … what do RATS do ? They raise taxes and this is just a backdoor tax…

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