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BOMBSHELL Bankster Bonanza – Florida Supreme Court Kills Foreclosure Mediation!

managed-mediationThe banksters follow the rules they want, ignore the ones they don’t like, then just play games and make the pursuit of justice of impossible…..their latest victory>>>>>>>

In Florida, after years of study and work, the Florida Supreme Court initiated a groundbreaking, fairness-provoking program that sought to level the playing field and force the banks who were bailed out by the American people to deal in good faith, but the banks of course are not in the habit of dealing in good faith with their benefactors, instead……


True, mediation was a total failure, but this was largely the plan of the banksters from the beginning…..withhold information, flaunt and violate the rules, thumb your nose at court orders and authority and generally continue to abuse the taxpayers that bailed you out and saved you.

But the banksters had better be careful what they’ve asked for….there are going to be Chief Judges in circuits all across this state who are going to push for a mediation program that is more effective and provides a more level   playing field. I’m certain that good judges, who see the value of fair play, will take this as an opportunity to force fair play and integrity on players who understand neither….

Citizens must rise up and demand that justice and fairness prevail……






  • Tom says:

    Not so fast! FSC action does nothing to rescind the 20 circuit administrative orders. Fact is, instead of a statewide uniform procedure, the 20 circuit chief judges are now free to do as they please so long as it is within the statutes and rules. Will all? Probably not. But, each that does will be different and that does not bode well for the plaintiff law firms. And, mediator costs will rise to $350 an hour instead of $350 per mediation because most judges are still going to refer the cases to mediation.

  • Donna says:

    The program needs modification to be effective.

    As it stood, mediation was a premature first step; prior to the bank’s establishment of true standing to enter into mediation. In my experience the bank representative (who attended telephonically) didn’t have desire (authority?)to actually negotiate anything resembling resolution. A huge waste of time in practice.

    If a homeowner entered into mediation with a party that didn’t have standing and authority to be there, in effect, it automatically served as an acceptance of the bank’s allegations.

  • joyce owens says:

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