America’s banks are criminal enterprises that have been granted licenses to steal from the national treasury.  Don’t believe me?  Think I’m being a bit dramatic?  Then you obviously haven’t read the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement.  The complaint and then the absurd settlement, the National Mortgage Settlement, Banker Bailout Admitted as much.

But Apparently The Lies and the Fraud And Deception of the Banks Has Not Stopped!

Americans need to understand the realities of foreclosure and banking finance.  “The Banks” are not playing with their own money…they are playing with house money. Taxpayer money. Our money.  When they file a foreclose they win. If they don’t foreclose they win.  They have been granted licenses to steal from the American people and they are doing it with reckless abandon.

But With Every Foreclosure, The American People Lose!

Read the following article carefully…..when you understand the mechanics operating behind the scenes, you’ll understand the captive corruption of this entire nation…..

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