Guess what….the banks lie. Their lawyers lie. Much of the foreclosure process is lies, heaped upon lies, with more lies at the center ending in one very clear and specific lie that results in families being thrown into the street:

The Lie That Bank of America (Wells Fargo, Citi, JPMorgan, et. al) Owns Your Mortgage And That They Have The Right To Demand You Be Thrown Into The Street!

The banks do not own the notes and mortgages, and in many cases they have no idea who really does own the mortgage…..which would make it kind of hard to prove up that they have any right to file foreclosure or demand that you be thrown into the street….wouldn’t it?

For More on this subject read more from Lynn Syzmoniak’s case here.  And Also Here

Keep in mind exactly what Lynn Syzmoniak did….the information Lynn provided to the Federal Government was directly instrumental in the much ado about a whole lot of allegedly $25 Billion in Consumer Relief that the big banks allegedly paid to consumers…(with a few million dollars in bribes (contributions, fines, payoffs) to governments directly and government officials less directly)

The extent to which the entirety of the United States and state governments must ignore lawlessness and in fact promote fraud, lies, multi-billion dollar crimes committed by their partners in the financial services industries in order to continue with the conspiracy of lies and fraud and on-going consumer abuse is astonishing.  The mortgage banking system (and probably most of this nation’s financial system) is a ponzi scheme.  The mortgage payments made each month are dropped into several pots and distributed in ways that (just barely) keep up the delusion.

State and federal elected officials cannot yet admit their complicity in this on going crime spree.  They cannot yet admit that they have all been active participants in the blatant looting and ransacking of our nation’s entire storehouse of assets, equity and treasure…..those real and tangible things earned by the sacrafices of every past generation of American …. and then fought for and paid for with the blood of our nation’s soldiers sent off to battle … sent to die in foreign lands to protect this treasure.

All of it gone. Stolen. Robbed.

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  • neidermeyer says:

    Absolutely 100% correctamundo on the PSA Mr. Weidner… I had great fun back in 2010/2011 challenging 15 separate “credit bid” sales in Orange County based on plaintiffs lack of standing after being inspired by your writings (took the banks up to 14 months to untangle the mess!) … I am now holding a deposition taken this month where an undated “allonge” which was never attached to the note in any way … just appeared mysteriosly in LPS’s imaging system screens as a seperate document months after filing the complaint where the LPS/AHMSI complaint “verifier” says it wasn’t there at the time of the original verification..

    Expedited discovery FULL SPEED AHEAD!

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