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Bloomberg: Fannie Mae Suspends David J. Stern

bloomberg-sternOur federal government, by virtue of being the largest real party in interest in foreclosure cases across this state, is responsible for fostering the environment of fraud and deceit that allowed the Law Offices of David J. Stern to become one of the largest foreclosure mills in this country.   Time will only tell just how many Floridians were lied to and cheated out of their homes by the Law Offices of David J. Stern. (Yes, yes, I know they didn’t pay their mortgage, but what do we do when the banks wouldn’t take it fair and square?)

How in the world will we ever untangle the toxic mess of title-related problems caused by the bogus assignments that have been flying out of that Plantation-based Florida operation for years?

How will we ever compensate those who were forcibly removed from their homes under false pretenses?

How will lenders ever be able to continue with the Stern-filed cases that are currently pending?

How will we put a price tag on the costs to us all for Stern’s out of control operation?

Just how high will the corruption and cover up go?

Attached below are just some notable examples of the types of documents that are polluting our public records and title system.   It takes no real effort at all to find such examples…they are everywhere.   The real question that is presented with examples such as this is what happens to the title to each of the properties that are referenced in the assignments attached?   When examining the assignments attached, please note that notary commissions are issued for a four (4) year period in Florida.   Please compare the date of alleged execution of the attached document to the date on the notarial seal.


There are still too many people that are in denial and cover up mode.   Too many state and federal leaders (most of whom are totally silent on the entire Fraudclosuregate issue) who are absolutely silent on this.   Most troubling however is the fact that judges across this state are still signing foreclosure judgments and setting sales for the Law Offices of David J. Stern in spite of all these developments.

There will be a day of reckoning.

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