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BLOOMBERG- David J. Stern Headed to Foreclosure?


Oh what irony, Oh what deliciously sweet irony…..You simply must read the attached report from Bloomberg…

Bloomberg Article Here


  • litgant says:

    Howard J. Stern will soon be Howard J. Aft


    • DSchiar says:

      Today I was in front of the GM in Fort Myers Stellar Diamond. Seems like a nice lady. As a pro -se litigant I explained I filed numerous Motions with the court. The Stern team was playing hard ball with setting up a time and date for a hearing. The Judge told me they will most likely be off the case, but she warned me to get a hearing on my motions prior to the new date set for the new docket sounding of January 13, 2011. She warned that the attorney may ask for summery judgement, I explained That Pulte Mortgage is the Company on record and that the loan has not been satisfied on record although BAC claims they own the loan. I explained that Pulte is not a party to the suit. I also explained the the witness signatures on the assignment are signed in the same handwriting with two diffrent names. No notary seal from Texas with five stars and a scribble mark where the notary signs. No notary name is identified or is legible.
      I explained this all to the Judge. She said nothing will happen today. How do I get Sterns man to agree to a hearing date? Need to do this while the same evidence is on the chopping block.


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