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If only more consumers would wake up and actually defend their cases….their crime spree would not be nearly as wide and dramatic in magnitude!

Rather than standing up and fighting. Rather than forcing the banks to prove a case…(and in doing so proving up their lies and fraud), too many consumers just ignore the lawsuit.

In the context of the 2013 Florida Foreclosure Purge, tens of thousands of Floridians will lose their homes….


In courtrooms all across this state…and especially in the courtrooms that I spend my time litigating in, there has been a great awakening among the elected and appointed judges that serve the members of these communities.  The judges recognize they have a job to balance equities and ensure that fairness is done.  But they cannot do this alone.  In many cases, they cannot advocate for consumers if they refuse to come into court and fight.

And so, the responsibility to fight comes to consumers…if only they would stand up to fight.

For a reminder of why we should all fight, see this video:



  • H M says:

    I do agree strongly that more consumers need to fight for homes. However, having said that, we have done just that on two properties and are losing both of them. The Courts, in our recent experience, have used their employees to block us from getting in front of Judge and referred us to Judge who belittled us for being pro se, and refused to hear the issues. He had no interest in hearing about the fact that we had proof that signatures were unauthorized on our assignment of mortgage, no interest in hearing that the bank had no claims of interest to property. We were there on our motion to vacate substitution of party plaintiff, which is such a joke. BOA trying to escape their wrongdoing…nonetheless, the Clerks and court room assistants lost the motion twice for filing, and intentionally put us in front of wrong Judge, knowing that this Judge would rule unfavorably…which he did.
    But, you are right, if more people would come forward and fight, depsite the hassle of it, the Courts would be forced to change their system, as it is against the law for them to belittle pro se litigants. We have just as much right to defend our property as a lawyer does…and when it comes down to money, not everyone has the funds to spend on attorneys in these tough economic times.

  • marilyn lane says:

    I have been defending against my fraudulent foreclosure since 1997 when
    Astoria Federal S & L corrupt attorneys
    MJRF auctioned off my two NYC condos with with void abnitio judgemrnts . Those attorneys are gone and Astoria has new attorneys that admitted Astoria never owned my two properties and the title attorneys are stepping in to indemnify but
    in steps Thomas p Malone of Fidelity Title and attorney David K Fiveson of a scam title company he calls Coronet Title
    that refuse to indemnify and instead tell Judge Alice Schlesinger of NYSC they have EQUITY and she rules against the law. Fight on.

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