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Big Changes to St. Pete’s Zoning And Building Regulations- Here are the details!

If you live or work in St. Petersburg, Florida, you already know that new building, growth and economic development are blowing through the roof.  The whole of downtown has not just completely revitalized…it’s been made world class…in just a matter of a few years.   Every available large parcel has been developed with multi story structures, and now virtually every smaller piece of vacant land has been developed for smaller townhouse or brownstone development. If you drive anywhere near the downtown core, you will not find many vacant parcels at all and if they’re vacant now, they are probably slated for development.

The growth downtown produces real changes in the surrounding neighborhoods. The map above shows what is happening on the ground  where existing homes are being demolished to make way for new development and homes in the Snell Isle neighborhood.

In response to feedback from residents, The City is undertaking an overhaul of the Land Use And Development Code that all residents should be aware of. The changes will cover everything from the shrubs you plant near water to the total square footage of structure you can build on your lot.  The changes are not being made in a vacuum…the City has held a series of workshops over the last year.  And it’s not too late to give input on those changes…all of which will be going before City Council in the next several months.

The detailed presentation that was brought before council can be found HERE  and all of the details regarding both the existing and proposed changes are found HERE

The bottom line is we’re all experiencing phenomenal property value increases and the growth we see will only increase the value and opportunities in this City!

If you’re planning on buying, building or investing….Get to know what’s happening in your city!



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