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Bernie Madoff- The US Government is a Ponzi Scheme.

Does anyone have one single ounce of faith left in the United States government?   What I see everyday played out in Fraudclosuregate is the unrestrained greed, fraud and lies of the banks and Wall Street Wizards combined with government….at all levels…totally unwilling to counteract all the unrestrained evil.

Do you believe the will of the American people reigns supreme in this country or do you suspect that the interests of Wall Street and the corporations are what drives our national policy?   It’s sad the state we’re in and it’s terrifying.   Bernie Madoff is a caricature, a punk.   The fact that he pulled off such an absurd scheme…and got away with it for so long…is it even within the realm of possibility that he’s the only one?   I think all of Wall Street is smoke and mirrors.   A fiction. A fraud.   Phantom wealth and invisible money flying around the globe at the direction of wizards with impure objectives.

What happens when our retirees stop getting the returns on their savings and investments?   What happens when minority of people who are still working get tired of working to pay for the food, health care and other benefits for the majority of people in this country who are not working? (either because they cannot find a job or they do not want a job)   Bernie’s a crook, but I trust what a guy in his position has to say…

Bernie Madoff

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