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Beckstrom v. Vogel- How One Decision Helped Bush Steal The Presidency And Ruin A Nation

I’m working through a hypothesis that the Presidency of the United States of America was stolen in 2000…actually, that’s not really my hypothesis…that is an Inconvenient Truth that has been established since the “election” of 2000.

Go back and do some research….Google “Election 2000” and come back up to speed. Al Gore won the popular vote but then all kinds of spooky stuff started happening with ballots and votes down here in the swamp.   The Supreme Court was asked to take a little peek into things, but then….POOF! The Supremes just dumped the case and said….


My hypothesis is that they did go figure it out, the Dems and the Repubs sat down and carved out their dynasties and we’ve been a White Collar criminal oligarchy ever since.   Bush and Cheney got a blank checkbook to buy bullets and bombs and the Clintons and everyone on the donkey side of the aisle got everything else.

The foreign and economic policy of the United States became, and has remained,


So here we are 12 years later and that no longer sounds like such a wise and forward thinking way to go about running a country.   What would have happened if we had spent 12 years developing medicine and energy products that the world needed?

What would this planet look like if instead we had sent this nation’s best and brightest to college or off to other countries to build bridges and schools?

Instead we turned Planet Earth into a Death Star.We destroyed every single other industry and constructive thing this nation had going for it and funneled every last dime of two hundred years worth of political, social and humanitarian equity into the military-petroleum complex.   We have no more industry in this country that is not associated with the war machine.

There is so much that has not been told about the 2000 election, despite the fact that HBO did a movie and countless stories and articles have been written.   I recently spoke at length with one of the major players in that drama and he told me how frustrated he was because everyone failed to ask the right questions.   He knows first hand because he was one of the central figures in the stolen presidency.   Oh, and the operatives are hard at work, right this very moment, engineering election evil that will perpetuate the current state of abject election corruption…it all continues right to this very day!

But I want to go way, way back…even further back than the 2000 election. Do you have faith in this country’s election process? Do you not believe that an election can be rigged, and that it can be done right in front of our eyes? Do you not know this nation’s sordid history of election fraud?   Well, don’t take my word for it, read what a judge wrote about an election that preceded the 2000 election scam:

We have a sordid history of election fraud in this county.

It happened here a lot. It happened for a long period of time.

For decades it was the hallmark of our political system and that was corruption.

And now, read the 15 page opinion…..things did not get better or more secure….they became a whole lot more corrupt….



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