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Banksters Get Out of Jail Free Card–PAID FOR BY YOU!



There is bad, bad juju flowing all around this country.   Among the worst of the juice right now is the full court press the Democrats and Obama are placing on Attorney Generals from all across the country to sign onto a horrendous settlement with the banksters.   Make no mistake, this is clear corruption, extortion, bribery and the sell out of the American people to the banks.

Florida’s Attorney General, the official government lobbyist for the banking industry, is of course lobbying hard for passage of Obama’s plan. (Guess campaign cash is a stronger allegiance than that whole party ideology thing.) Bondi went so far as to criticise other states, namely California AG for their opposition to the bill.

Now mind you, not even the AGs have seen the full terms of the deal. That’s right.   As demonstrated by Nevada AG Masto’s long critique of the general terms that have been floated, there are major provisions of this proposal that have not yet even been disclosed to them….and these AG (democrats no less) are stating clearly that they will not sign onto a deal with undisclosed terms.. (DUH)

A major point here….is that what we know so far is the deal is to be paid for by the American People….the Investors….NOT THE BANKS….

The mere suggestion of this should send people rioting into the streets, but alas I fear this will not happen until it is too late and all hope is lost.



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  • Edith O. says:

    Is there a legal recourse, “We the People” could use to recuse or recall FL’s State Attorney General? It is time we let them know, “We the people” are tired of the corruption!!!

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