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Foreclosure Defense Florida

The bank’s failure to comply is a defense to foreclosure!

Do you have a HUD or FHA Insured Mortgage?

Take a look at your monthly mortgage payment. If you see a line every month that says, “FHA”, that means that every single month, you are making an insurance policy premium payment for FHA insurance. What does that insurance provide?¬† It provides that banks MUST work with borrowers prior to filing a foreclosure…..
GOAL. The Congress has adopted a national housing goal expressed as
“a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American
A. HUD’s Role. HUD is charged with implementing the programs
enacted by Congress to achieve this goal.
B. Housing’s Role. The Office of Housing’s role is to further
program objectives by exercising effective management practices
while protecting the interests of HUD with prudent fiscal
management. For the most part, these programs are carried out
through the private mortgage markets, with HUD-approved
mortgagees originating and servicing individual mortgages.
1-2 HUD MONITORING. This Handbook provides procedural standards and
guidelines that must be followed when servicing an FHA/HUD-insured
mortgage regardless of the entity holding and/or servicing the
The mortgagee’s servicing operations will be monitored and, where
necessary, corrective action will be required. Refusal to take the
corrective action or continued noncompliance with HUD requirements
will result in the Department taking appropriate action (i.e.,
including, but not necessarily limited to, an administrative and/or
monetary sanction against that mortgagee (also, see Paragraphs 8-7F1
and 8-7G).
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