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Banks Can Just Kick Down Your Door, Break in Windows, Change Locks. No Court Order Necessary, Don’t Bother With a Judge or Facts…What A Great Country This Has Become!

Earlier this week a client returned to her home to find a notice duct taped to the door.   The notice said,

“Attention Entry By Unauthorized Persons is Prohibited!”

The notice went on to state that in order to protect the lender’s rights in the property, they had broken down the door and that noone else was authorized to enter.   In case of emergency only, you should contact BAC Field Services Corporation at 800/669-6607.   The notice further provided that the home was not owned by BAC Home Loans and that you should not contact them about sale or rental.

Now here’s the kicker this home is owned by my clients.   They haven’t even been served with a foreclosure yet.   No problem though, that didn’t stop BofA from breaking and entering.   I immediately contacted BAC and they informed me that they have every right in the world to break down doors and do whatever they deemed necessary to “protect” their mortgage.


I wish this was an isolated incident, but the scary fact is it is a practice that is occurring all across the country. When I called the 800 number provided on the sticker, they had options to press for, “If you need to retrieve your personal property, push 1″….I’ve had multiple clients that this has happened to, and my colleagues report other instances of it.   This is totally illegal and the companies that are doing it are breaking the law….these crimes are felonies in every state.

Don’t believe the banks or the lenders if they tell you they have the right to do these things….contact law enforcement and press charges!   If you know of instances where this is happening, please contact me with details so this information can be shared.


  • Ernie Hassell says:

    This is some scary s*&^! OK, they may own the place but as noted, legal process has been bypassed. Just one more step toward big companies taking over the planet. I’m not sure calling the police will help much. I would suggest that the homeowners go buy a cheap video surveillance system and set it up so that video is remotely recorded. That way you can see the creeps who did this, maybe get license plate numbers and then go to the law with details.

  • Leana says:

    We just had a notice from BAC field services placed on the door of the house we inherited from my parents in Beaumont, TX saying that the house was deemed vacant and abandoned and they might change locks and winterize the plumbing. Here’s the real kicker, this house has not had any kind of mortgage in over 20 years! We have the paid off mortgage/deed! Plus the house has a for sale sign in the front yard and the yard is being maintained! I called the phone number on the flyer and the lady said that they had no record of that property–no duh—and to disregard it but I’m worried that the idiot that left it will try to come back and change locks or whatever in which case I will sue the socks off someone!!!

  • Sandra says:

    How would one go about purchasing a home that BAC ownes?

  • Carol says:

    I purchased a short sale – closed on May 9 and got the keys on May 11th. Today, May 14 the Bank of America came in and changed the locks on my door. They were the lenders for the person who sold the house – they do not hold my mortgage. I called police only to be told it was a civil matter since it didn’t appear any damage was done! No damage – they broke into my house and I don’t have a key!

  • Denis C Jones says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing seeking legal assistance in an illegal removal of personal property. I lost my home in Cass county Micigan to foreclosure and was in the process of removing my personal property on May 29, 2012. I was in the process of removing my property and when I arrived back home I find a company in the process of removing my personal property without my knowledge. I was told that I abandoned the property (however, I had gas, electric, medications and my dog at home – how does this constitute an abandoned property??)

    When I questioned the deputized sheriff- who not only managed the removal company, but who was also supposed to act in my best interest in protecting my possessions – I was told that my possessions were taken to the dump and they could not retrieve them. Funnily enough, my most valuable possessions such as my clothes, my 8 year old son’s clothes, 3 TV’s, an x-box, a collectors set of football cards (which was a gift to my son for his birthday the next day!), medications, gun, dvd/vcr players, coins, jewelry, Ipad, Laptop, Tablet and family photos were all removed and gone in a separate truck before I got home. The less valuable possessions were being loaded up when I got home and being taken away without allowing me to claim them. It was my understanding from the USFN that a removal company had to allow me to claim my possessions up to 24hrs. from the date of removal (or in some cases stored in a facility for 30days for me to reclaim). Regardless, I was refused any opportunity to claim my belongings even though I had a truck ready and waiting.

    I literally have nothing but the clothes on my back. I am on disability and living on a very limited, fixed income. The items removed from my home took me a lifetime to collect and many are irreplaceable. I have benefited from the Church Diocese for clothes as well as food vouchers which have been helping me to get by, but that does nothing to replace what was lost. How can this happen? How can a company come in and just do what they want without having to follow the law or even the most basic instinct of decency? I was given no written notice of any kind that this company would be coming this day (or any other day) and yet they came in and basically robbed me of my belongings. I also think that having a deputized sheriff being the same person who manages the removal company is also a gross example of conflict of interest in it’s basest form – not to mention a huge abandonment of ethics.

    Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated, I have no idea how to proceed from here. I would like to pursue legal action and I can be contacted at the below phone number or email – ( I am writing this from a friends computer account because they also took my computer

    I am in no way questioning the eviction I am questioning the way the eviction was done. I cannot believe that in the united states of America that someone can break in your house and steal or trash the belongings and keepsakes a family has taken a lifetime to collect and can legally be taken away in three hours. To drill the lock out of someones door and take everything a man and his 8 year old Å“son have of value and tell me in the three hours I was away from the house to throw photo albums and every stitch of clothes we owned in the trash and steal every piece of electronics and tell me there is nothing I can do does not sound like America I am pleading to you for help I know this cannot be legal and being on disability I really need help

    Many thanks
    Denis Jones
    (574) 876-9768-c

  • Denis C Jones says:

    I was never served but knew that I wo uld have to move soon so on
    The morning of May 29th 2012. I started paicking my personal belongings . I had can appointment at the house I was moving to between 12 and 3:30 to have the water and gas turned on. At 11 am I loaded three plastic tubs.with things in them and left to make the appointments and get a truck and a trailer. At two thirty my oldestons girlfriend girlg

  • Asia blue says:

    My mom died a few months back…. A neighbor called to tell me BOA field services came by to ask if the house was vacant or occupied… The neighbor told them ahe died.. The field inspector put a notoce on,the door tjat basically said the home was vacant of ot is not to call BAC FIELD SERVICES IMMEDIATELY what does it mean… We live in,NJ,which is a judicial state…

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