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Banks are Home Invasion Felons- Why No Criminal Charges?

Attached here is yet another story of a bank kicking down the door, drilling out the locks and attempting to take the property of a homeowner.ABC News Foreclosure Banks

In this case they totally had the wrong home, but in thousands of other cases across the country, they get away with burglarizing homes, stealing property and violating the most basic and fundamental laws because they cannot be caught or when they are caught noone is willing to stand up to them.

I want to expose this practice and go after these banks for engaging in this systematic campaign of wrongdoing.   If they believe they can get away with it, they will only become more emboldened.


  • Larry Brachfeld says:

    We need more advocates of what is right just like you…..Thank you for taking your time so often to defend and insure our rights. You are what this country’s attorneys and politicains should aspire to.
    Hedy and I wish all our best………….

  • Mike says:

    I work the front lines of this foreclosure meltdown.

    For anyone removed from the front lines and doubting debt owners’ “agents” take control of properties before legally permitted, I can share countless anecdotes.

    These “home preservation” entities contracted and endorsed by the debt owners REGULARLY cut off locks, steal realtor signs and lockboxes & force us (list agents) to waste time reminding the servicers these AGENTS are breaking the law.

    Of course, that does little as agents cite “abandoned property,” granting them the right to “winterize” the property.

    …all under the guise of mitigating loss.

    Forget the fact, there’s a realtor SIGN and lockbox on the house. A simple phone call to the realtor who’s phone number is on the sign would allay any concerns with property open to vandalism and/0r squatters.

    But no, these agents make their money when they “take over” properties. All the servicers have to do is apologize for these “exuberant” agents as it takes the servicers 3-4 failed attempts of FedEx’ing keys for me to regain access.

    CRAZY…and not improving either.

    Matt, you see the craziness from a legal perspective. I see the craziness from a front-lines perspective.

    Neither is encouraging….


  • Marshall Cohen ESQ says:

    Have had 2instances of changing the locks prior to any change of title –state atty does not want to proceed v lender and everyone in chain –can we make them? Is class action being pursued v culprits?

  • Stephen says:

    Never buy that “accident” defense. They deliberately go after homes that are on the vulnerable list.

  • Dee Dee says:

    Couldn’t agree more! Keep up the good work!

  • divemedic says:

    IMO, that third party is acting as an unlicensed debt collector, and is in violation of the FDCPA, and the Consumer Collection Practices Act.

  • foreclosure mill victim says:

    For 14 months some Wells Fargo Trust-Series of Certificates-Plaintiff?!maintained that yhe original Note on my house is perm destroyed and can never be produced.The day I went to court on Motion to Deny Re-esablishment of Note-magically their attorney announced that the original has arrived!!This is 2 weeks before their Summary Judgement-this is amazing magic–no one has seen this Note that has been somehow suddenly resurrected from its permanently destroyed status.Ben-Ezra & Katz-a premiere foreclosure mill has magic!How does judge expect me to defend-a good portion of my affirmative defenses are premised on their Lost Note Affidavit.Isnt this obvious fraud on the Court-doesnt it prove they are liars?My neighborhood is now a ghost town,I am now surrounded by empty,foreclosed houses made of 100%wood,stripped down,vandalized,I never had problem here for 9 years-then suddenly Ive been burglarized 3 times in the last 6 months-these “banks”,trust are criminal enterprises who have robbed me of my dream home,stolen all of my equity and everyones,I am $170K underwater because the areas home values have dropped by 70%because of all the empty homes.I’ll be damned if I pay Wells Fargo Series of Certificates-who I never heard of,50 cents.

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