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BankofAmerica- Silencing Critics, Mafiaoso-style

bank-america-settlementIn yet another disturbing example of how the banks are above the law and law enforcement, there are allegations that Bank of America is blackmailing its victims, then fighting disclosure of their wrongdoing from law enforcement….that’s right they’re actually going into court and telling the court that they cannot be forced to disclose what victims they bribed …… WOW is all I’ve got to say.   But this is Amerika after all and why should we expect anything less out of BofA?

From Bloomberg:

Jan. 26 (Bloomberg) — Bank of America Corp. is impeding an investigation of its loan modification practices by negotiating settlements with borrowers who must agree to keep them secret and not criticize the bank in exchange for cash payments and loan relief, Arizona officials say.

The Arizona Attorney General’s office is asking a court to block those aspects of the settlements and require the bank to turn over all the agreements. The bank denies any wrongdoing.



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  • delores diciccio says:

    Bank of NY Mellon wasn’t even made until 2007 by joining of two banks. They are all crooks. BOA, CW, MERS all made loans for people who didn’t qualify or for people that they knew would later defaut and they would foreclose. The problem was they couldn’t see into the future and see the mortgage/credit collapse of 2007. If they foreclosed before it was a win win for them. The housing prices were going up up and away. Now all these houses are worth about half of what people owe. It was unsustainable. I mean for God’s sake the minimum wage is still $7.50??? an hour. How can anyone buy homes that cost so much? Only the top 1% that the tea party people and the rest of us are so mad about. My home is in foreclosure also in New Jersey (Thank God) because they have ground to a halt due to Judges not going for improper transfers from BOA to Bank of NY Mellon etc. Bany of NY Mellon made 3 Trillion dollars in 2010 pre tax and didn’t pay a dime in taxes. In fact they got $675 million in a Federal Tax Return off of our backs (the 99%). The CEO last name Kelly ( I think) paid himself something like $20 million the same year. He has since stepped down because of the outrage from the tea party and other middle class groups. Bank of New York Mellon TRUST, that word should give you a clue has more than 14 tax shelters and gives millions of donations to people running for office. Everyone should educate themselves on what’s going on in this country. Obama is the worst president EVER. He is worse than Nixon. Bush gave Wall Street billions of TARP money to the banks but there was oversight of it. Recently, after fighting in court for two years to get public information that the Obama people didn’t want published we find out that under Obama they gave all the banks (including BOA, Bank of NY Mellon Trillions and Trillions more that even the Congress didn’t know exchanged hands with NO strings attached. Free money from the taxpayers. So in essence, we are paying a bank to sue us for a home we live in that they got from our taxes to stay in business. WAKE UP PEOPLE. DON”T give up your houses. Fight them tooth and nail. Go out and vote in November. The United States is so deep in corruption on so many levels. I think anyone in office should have to take a lie detector first before getting voted in. The whole thing is disgusting.

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