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Banking Crimes- LIBOR, Fraudclosure and Money Laundering- A Global Criminal Enterprise.

In what world would a gang of criminal masterminds be permitted to meet in boardrooms all across this world and plan ways to steal billions….actually steal those billions….and walk away completely unscathed?   Why the answer of course is….IN THIS WORLD!
The LIBOR scandal is just one example, and of course the fact that HSBC was laundering money for drug cartels and terrorist organizations is another fine example of The Banking Class Business Model.   And when they are permitted to engage in such masterful crime sprees on an international scale….why shouldn’t they likewise be permitted to enter into county courtrooms all across this country and engage in perjury, fraud and forgery as they move to throw people out of their homes?   The real question I have is how local judges still grant these banks such deference.   I mean, do judges not read newspapers?   Why is it that homeowners still routinely get the short end of the judicial discretion stick…they have not engaged in multiple worldwide criminal conspiracies after all?
The LIBOR scandal is particularly galling. LIBOR permitted The Banks to steal billions from cities and counties all across this county….and, like money laundering or fraud and forgery in fraudclosure….the banks continue to get away with it….from a civil lawsuit:
As discussed in more detail below, the British Bankers’ Association (” BBA”) rate-setting cartel, described below, provides
the means through which Defendants could manipulate LIBOR; banks were motivated to manipulate LIBOR to hide their
precarious financial conditions and to financially benefit from a manipulated LIBOR; there is economic evidence that LIBOR
was manipulated and could not have been so manipulated in the absence of a conspiracy; there are governmental investigations
worldwide regarding LIBOR manipulation; there are news reports that LIBOR was manipulated; and there are admissions
of manipulation with respect to yen LIBOR. The foregoing factors evidence a worldwide conspiracy regarding LIBOR


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